Temple Services

The DC Metro Sai Samsthan mission is to propagate Shri Shirdi Saibaba’s Teachings and fostering His tenet of "Service to Mankind is Service to God".

To foster Saibaba’s Teachings, there are many religious activities that the Samsthan hosts in the Temple. Please visit the Temple calendar for a full schedule.

Thurdays – Guruvar, are especially dear to Saibaba. Thursday mornings Abhishekam is performed to all dieties - Saibaba Pradhana Murthi, Utsav Murthi, Ganesha and Dattatreya. Thursday evening, between 7 – 8 pm, we have Bhajans, everybody is invited to participate and sing his glory.

In keeping with the traditions in Shirdi, the Samsthan has a grand celebration on Sri Rama Navami, Guru Purnima, Vijaya Dasami and Datta Jayanthi. In addition to this, the Samthan celebrates all Hindu festivals in the Temple.

  • Sign up is required to participate in the Sathyanarayana Puja. Please arrive at the temple 10 minutes prior to the start of the puja so you can be seated.
  • Archana can be performed when priest is available or contact the office Manager on duty
  • Abhishekam is performed on Thursdays t and other festivals Abhishekam is performed to Utsava Moorthy on request. Sign up is required to participate in this event.
  • Please drop all donations directly into the Hundi.

Please click here for Pooja services supplies list

Priest Services - At Temple

Service Description Donation
Asthotharam Archana Chanting of the 108 names of the deity, followed by fruit offering and aarthi $9.00
Temple Sponsored Abhishekam Bathing of the deity with Rose Water, milk, yogurt, honey, sandalwood water etc. $25.00
Temple Sponsored Satyanarayana Pooja Lord Satyanarayana Vratam sponsored at the temple $35.00
Vehicle Pooja Vehicle pooja at the temple $50.00
Vidhyarambam Pooja to begin child's education $75.00
Namakaranam Naming of the child $75.00
Annaprasanam First feeding of solid food to the baby $75.00

Temple Services

Service Description Donation
Garland for Baba Daily Garland expense for Sri Baba, Sri Ganesh and Sri Dattatreya $35.00
Fruits for Prasadam Daily Prasadam Fruits expense $35.00
Baba Vastra Dress for Baba idol $101.00
Anna Daanam Sponsor Prasadam for Thursday $101.00

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