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With the Shirdi Sai Temple starting operations on 12th Feb 2017, DC Metro Sai Samsthan needs the support of the community, all of you to run the temple operations while continuing the search for a permanent place. Please note we are a volunteer based organization. Apart from the priest who is a salaried employee of the Samsthan, everybody else, whether they are in the Board of Directors, or Executive Committee or Board of Trustees are all volunteers. Please note any Samsthan member can be elected to the Board or EC, please refer to the Samsthan ByLaws for details.

Various committees are instituted to help with the regular Samsthan operations. These committees are broadly divided into devotional, community, social and organization groups, with many sub groups under each category. Based on one’s expertise and desire, they can volunteer their time to any of these committees. Apart from this, volunteers are needed for daily operations at the temple, please email for details. There are various time slots through weekdays and weekends, where volunteer support is needed with temple operations.

You can help support the organization through monetary donations, the Samsthan is open to take any donations and work with the donor for appropriate donor recognition. Please click on this donate ink below. As a token of gratitude, the Samsthan offers following benefits to the various donors.

Pradhatha Categories

  Sarvaloka Pradhata Visishta Pradhata Pramukha Pradhata Pradana Pradhata Mukya Pradhata
Amount $25,000 or more $10,000 or more $7,500 or more $5,000 or more $2,500 or more
Yearly Annadanam        
Engraved name on a Plaque      
Once a year Thursday Aarthi    
Free life time membership  
Free archana 4 times in a month Twice in a month Twice in a month Once in a month Once in a month
A leaf on Sai Bhakthi Tree

If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it