Guru Purnima

DC Metro Sai Samsthan invites all devotees to come and participate in this special event at our temple. Please see below for program details.


July 26th - July 28th

Please reserve your spot for these sponsorship oppurtunities!

Guru Purnima Sponsorship

Samsthan is organising an "Annakut" for Guru Poornima day having 100 delicacies from various regions. Please do add the delicacies from your region and pass this information to other devotees. We are planing to serve on 10 plates each holding 10 katoris. Please bring half tray of your signed up food which will be served to devotees as prasad.

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Samsthan is also organising an offering of 100 veriety of fruits to Sri Sainath during our Guru Purnima celebrations

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