At Home Services

Outside of the Temple and in keeping with the traditions established by the Samsthan since the organization inception in 2010, Samsthan and its volunteer base, continue to conduct various spiritual activities. Any devotee can request this service of the Samsthan, please email for details.

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  • Daily Parayanam

  • Bhiksha Yatra

    • Started in December 2012
    • Full day immersive experience reading Sai SatCharitra at a devotee’s home; devotees from all over the world participates in Sat Charitra Parayan either in-person or remotely.

  • Chitra Yatra

    • Sai Chitra Yatra started informally in 2001 with the a few Sai devotees. And has continued with the incorporation of the Samsthan in Jan 2010.
    • Devotees can invite Sai Baba into their homes, they will take Sai Baba’s portrait to their homes with all due formalities and perform daily rituals as per their wishes.

There shall be no want in the house of my devotee