Community Service

BABA has always imparted the essence of helping for the humanitarian causes. Towards this, Samsthan has been able to organize several social service & community events such as food drives, cloth drives, voluntary services to non profit organizations, sandwich for poor people etc. and will be coordinating many such events in the coming time.

On the community service front, the Samsthan is active at the local, national and global level. Please visit the Temple calendar for any upcoming scheduled community events. You can email for participation details.

  • Thursday Sandwich Drives

  • Mega Food Drive

    • Started in September 2013
    • Conducted twice a year
    • Contribute non-perishable food items to Manna Food Center & Shepherd’s Table
      In August 2016, DCMSS did a record food drive collection for Shepherd’s Food Table in Silver Spring, MD and Manna Food Center on Gaithersburg, MD. With active participation from 25 middle and high school kids volunteering in the event, donated 1,603 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and 1,283 pounds of non-perishable food to fight the hunger in our community. Donating 1 TON of non-perishable food has been the goal of Samsthan in our past occasions and this time WE DID IT.

  • Disaster Relief - DCMSS contributes generously to tide over various disasters in the world

    • Vibha Organization in May 2010
    • Oklahoma disaster relief effort in May 2013
    • Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief in May 2015
    • Louisiana Floods relief effort in September 2016

  • Toy Drive

    • Started on December 2014
    • Last Toy Drive completed 18th December 2016

  • 5k run

    • Started on June 2014
    • Till date we had conducted three 5K Run’s with active participation from everybody

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